Fantasy Kareshi ~Dive into Fairy Story Vol 5: Hansel & Vol 6: Wizard

Since I didn’t see any updates on the other sites again, so here goes mine. without BK.

Vol 5:

CV:  Ryōta Ōsaka


Hansel: Download

Vol 6: 

CV: Kōsuke Toriumi


Wizard: Download

Feel free to download it, just don’t share my links on the anywhere else without my permission.

No p/w needed.
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Fantasy Kareshi ~Dive into Fairy Story~ Vol.3 Hunter & Vol.4 Wolf

It has been weeks I haven’t seen any updates from other sites on volume3&4 yet so I’ll upload mine up. Feel free to download it, just don’t share my links on the anywhere else without my permission. Cheers~

Volume 3:

CV: Taniyama KishouIMG_001


Volume 4:

CV: Ono YuukiIMG_001Link

No p/w needed. (:
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Bookish world

Almost two years of not touching this blog, I’m a bit surprised I actually come back and now sit here, writing something. It changed so much ever since the last post I posted. After clicking here and there a bit, it’s not so complicated as it seems after all.

The reason I don’t come here often.. well, as usual, lazy, no inspiration, too busy, forgotten about it then a sudden deja vu I remember the existent of this blog.

Recently I found a pretty good sites for books, Some of you might already know it or hear about it.


> Goodreads <

You can actually find all sorts of books in there, from children to teen novels, classics to modern novels, arts and music, science to fantasy. Any kind. Even homo. *cough*


Well, there’s a huge amount of books in there you might even find the one you have been looking for a long time, perhaps?
I did found a book in there that I’ve been wanting to read because sadly I can’t find it in any local bookstores. Not sure if you heard about it before, it’s a classic piece written by Anne Frank, The Dairy of a Young Girl. A really nice book to read and think about.

BOOKSTORE, Y U NO sell good books?!


Lastly, here’s a quote for everyone. Not from me of course.



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